Contact Us

Interested? Here’s the procedure:

  • Check availability Here. Click on the availability tab third from the left on the top navigation bar within the listing page.
  • If the condo is available, email Gail at or call at either 916-632-1001(home) or 916-769-4566 (cell).
  • IMPORTANT! Do not book through Trip Advisor or Airbnb. While we are listed at these sites, these online booking services require the traveler (you) to pay an 8-10% service fee for no value-add or benefit to you. This fee is collected by the travel site and is non-negotiable for us and you. So skip the fee and work directly with Gail.
  • Print the Rental Contract, read it thoroughly, and initial and sign it where indicated.
  • Email, fax or send the contract via US mail.
  • To secure your reservation, submit your personal check for $300 (if time permits) or I can process a debit to your Visa or MasterCard. The remaining balance is due in full 30 days prior to your arrival. (Note: All reservations made 30 days or less from your arrival are due in full upon making the reservation.)
  • Upon receipt of final payment, I will email access instructions including the security code necessary to open the small lockbox mounted just outside the door to Unit 132. The lockbox contains the key to the condo. For full details see page 3 in the rental contract.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the condo or this process, please don’t hesitate to contact me as indicated above.